• Imran Khan

Road To The 'Naya Pakistan'

Key points

Reforms FBR

Decrease in tax net, high tax rate of 31% for business and corporation. Increase FBRs autonomy and reduce the influence of Ministry of finance.

Create 10 million jobs and strengthen the labour market

Create a labour exchange to strengthen and regulate labour market, crack down on the corrupt practices, social welfare of workers, implement technical and vocational education, create investor-friendly environment.

Implement policy framework to build five million houses

Build housing units for low and lower-middle income class, strengthen the role of academia, build control authorities and association of builders. Allocate housing units to persons with disabilities..

Make Pakistan business-friendly

Digitalize the process of business, land records and automate processes for property registration, improve logistic infrastructure related to railway cargo and container terminals. Dedicate courts for commercial contract enforcement.

Fix Pakistan’s energy challenge

Revive oil and gas exploration, allow more efficient technologies to get precedence.

Ensure CPEC translates into a game changer

Ensure the completion of CPEC, utilize expertise from China , promote local value-addition, facilitate the integration of Pakistani manufacturers. Ensure the involvement of local Pakistani businesses in CPEC implementation.

Enhance access to finance for citizens and industry

Improve the State Bank of Pakistan’s National Financial Inclusion Strategy, develop policies to increase bank deposit, champion digital financial services to encourage shift towards a cashless economy.

Boosting the tourism industry

Position Pakistan as ‘Asia’s Best Kept secret’ in global tourism market, develop 20 new tourist destinations in 5 years. Open government guest houses, encourage entrepreneurship, issue tourist visas, eliminate NOC condition for high potential tourist destination.

Turnaround IT sector to build a knowledge economy

Establish a Knowledge Economy Authority and launch the Digital Transformation initiative program. Implement National Digital Policy to ensure privacy, security and data sharing across all stakeholders. Establish a National Outreach Scholarship, increase access to international market, create special courts to resolve intellectual property mattes and copyright.

Strengthen international trade

Ensure cohesiveness between revenue policy, trade policy and national industrial policies, ensure foreign exchange rate, increase export destinations.