• Imran Khan

Road To The 'Naya Pakistan'

Key points

Bring accountability to the core of government

appointment process for the NAB chairman.

Empower people at the grassroots through local government

Transform Pakistan by devolving power and decision-making and empower local governments. MPAs and MNAs or bureaucracy will control the development in villages.

Depoliticize and strengthen police

Professionalize police by ensuring no political influence in policing matters like hiring and transferring of personnel. Make public outreach to police easier through policing apps, SMS system, online FIRs and call centres. Establish women police stations.

Reform criminal justice system and provide speedy justice

Provide speedy and quality justice, reforms in the code of Civil Procedure, propose amendments to the Criminal Procedure code to reduce procedural delays. Improve the operational performance of courts. Separate juvenile centres and prisons for women.

E-Governance in public administration

Ensure full capitalization of digital financial services, establish community call centers where citizen can report suspicious behavior of individuals. Enforcement of traffic laws and digitalization of traffic rules violation cases.

Reform government procurement

Build public sectors to implement Right to Information laws, Executive budget proposal and the enacted budget will be produced before citizens.

Ensure freedom of press

Media owners will be provided insurance and cover for their journalists, PEMRA will not become a political tool in the hands of any government, government advertisement will not be made a tool to harass or bribe the independent media.