• Imran Khan

Road To The 'Naya Pakistan'

Key points

Multidimensional policy to ensure Pakistan’s national security

to keep pace with the demands of the changing global environment. For this 4 institutional prerequisites will be put in place in order to enable MOFA: An overall civil service reform Strengthening international law in foreign policy More centralised and coordinated organisational framework for effective diplomacy requires all aspects of diplomatic activity Establishing a policy coordination cell within the PM office to coordinate inputs from key national stakeholders and Ministries into the foreign policy

Resolution of Kashmir dispute

PTI’s guiding principles will be of reciprocity, mutual interests and international norms that will govern Pakistan’s relations at the bilateral and multilateral levels. Initiating new policies rooted in Pakistan's priorities, including a conflict resolution approach towards improving our relation with our eastern and western neighbours. And especially resolving the Kashmir dispute.

Bilateral strategic dialogue with India

The bilateral strategic dialogue with India, encompassing all aspects of the strategic nuclear deterrence to prevent nuclear arms race in the region.