• Imran Khan

Road To The 'Naya Pakistan'

Key points

Healthcare for all

vaccination coverage, establish training institutes for nurse and paramedical staff, enhance focus on childhood nutrition, Build art hospitals in urban centres, depoliticize hospitals, and create mental health policy.

Transform education

Build largest public-private partnership for education through vouchers for low-free private schools, create an Education Fund for young entrepreneurs, establish minimum standards for all public schools, launch literacy program to engage 50,000 youth volunteers, launch a large-scale teacher certification program, increase schools at secondary level for girls and provide stipend for secondary school-going girls.

Unleash the potential of youth

Provide practical training to graduates in public and private organizations, conduct village-level activities for youth, and create program in which young people can intern with parliamentarians as staffers or researchers.

Provide clean drinking water for all

Purify solutions for households, increase the spending on water and sanitation, provide filteration plants through a public-private partnership, and launch public awareness program to safe water.

Tackle climate change and champion green growth

Manage climate change to safeguard citizen, establish a Green Growth Task Force under the PM’s cell to facilitate necessary legislation, implement an action plan for energy conservation, restore the fracture forests through a 10 billion tree Tsunami.