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Monday 26, January 2015



Quetta Blast: 65 killed including Aaj News driver

Posted by: AP, Uploaded: 4th September 2010

Suicide bombings targeting Youm-al-Quds rally killed at least 65 people including AAJ News driver in Quetta.  160 people were wounded and several were in critical condition. 

On Friday, sharply driving up the toll of sectarian assaults in a country already battered by massive flooding.

A blast killed at least 64 people in Quetta at rally, said Police Chief.

Protesters dragged wounded people into private cars as burning motorcycles sent clouds of black smoke billowing through the streets. The bodies of the dead and wounded lay strewn across the road.

Some youths fired in the air after the blast, and Qazi Abdul Wahid, a senior police official, said officers were trying to control the situation.

Allama Abbas Kumaili appealed to participants to remain peaceful.

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Story first published: 4th September 2010






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