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Wednesday 23, April 2014



Pakistan rejects expansion of US drone strike

Posted by: AFP, Uploaded: 20th November 2010

Pakistan said on Saturday it would never allow any expansion in the campaign of drone strikes by the United States on its territory.

The Washington Post reported on Friday that the US was seeking to expand the areas inside Pakistan where Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) unmanned aircraft — used for surveillance and to launch missile strikes — could operate.

“As for the reported suggestion by the US to carry out drone attacks beyond our tribal areas, Pakistan’s position is very clear — we would never allow this to happen,” foreign ministry spokesman Abdul Basit said.

“The Americans should rather revisit their drone attack policy and stop carrying out strikes in our tribal areas.”

“We already have issues with American drone strikes, which are known to Washington,” Basit said.

“These strikes violate our sovereignty, cause collateral damage and above all are producing (a) drone-hardened generation.”

Pakistan has repeatedly said there is no justification for the drone strikes, describing them as “counter-productive” and a violation of the country’s sovereignty.

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Story first published: 20th November 2010






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