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Sunday 20, April 2014



Foreign Office contradicts news about hospitalization of Mullah Omar

Posted by: APP, Uploaded: 20th January 2011

Foreign Office on Thursday categorically denied a news item published in a section of press about treatment of Taliban leader Mullah Omar in Pakistan.

Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit while commenting on the news item that Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar was treated for a heart attack in Pakistan’s hospital said, “This is same of the hackneyed speculation with no substance whatsoever.”

The spokesman said this is all being done to malign Pakistan and create misgivings.“All such machinations are bound to fail because Pakistan is fully committed to Afghanistan-led peace process,” said the spokesman.

He said, “No amount of mendacity can create a wedge between Afghanistan and Pakistan and their partners in peace and stability.” Meanwhile, Pakistan’s ambassador to Washington Hussain Haqqani while commenting on it said, the Eclipse report “had no basis whatsoever.”

He told the newspapers, “Sometimes intelligence tips received by professionals turn out to be wrong. The story about Mullah Omar falls under that category.”

Afghan Taliban leadership had also denied reports on Thursday that their leader Mullah Mohammad Omar had suffered heart attack and was hospitalized in Karachi.

The newspapers quoting a senior Taliban commander said, “Mullah is quite healthy and safe and sound. Even if he falls ill there is no question that media and the people would come to know about it.”

The report about a heart attack suffered by Mullah Omar and his subsequent hospitalization came from the Eclipse Group, which has run intelligence-gathering operations for the US forces in Afghanistan.

“Within our movement we have experts for every field and in their presence there is no need to shift our leader to a hospital in Karachi for treatment,” Taliban commander argued.

The report of treatment of Mullah Omar in Pakistan was first published in Washington Post and then it was used by other international media.

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Story first published: 20th January 2011






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