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Sunday 25, January 2015



Pak-US vital negotiations to restart from tomorrow

Posted by: Zuhaeb Nazir, Uploaded: 7th June 2012

ISLAMABAD: Talks with respect to untying tension between Pakistan and the USA have been reported to restart from tomorrow. Reports have indicated that formal negotiation process would start in Islamabad from Friday.

Both the countries have been reported to work under a package in order to resolve the NATO supply issue. Reports have also suggested that a price would also be negotiated between the two countries over the NATO supply issue.

According to sources, the current demand of Pakistan is way above the American’s liking and the meeting tomorrow would try to narrow down that difference. Besides the NATO issue, the package would also focus on numerous factors such as trade and other bi-lateral issues.

The negotiation is deemed to take around 3 to 4 weeks before any conclusion is reached.

Peter Lavoy, Assistant Secretary Defense for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs, along with his delegation; would be travelling to Islamabad in order to hold the talks.

Finance Minister, Hafeez Sheikh, would represent Pakistan in the talks that are to commence from tomorrow.

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Story first published: 7th June 2012






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