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Friday 19, December 2014



48 hours closure: CNG stations to remain shut from Wednesday

Posted by: Alize Ahmed, Uploaded: 20th November 2012

KARACHI: CNG stations within Sindh province would remain closed for the upcoming 48 hours, sources reported on Monday.

Reports received from Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGCL) indicate that CNG stations would remain shut for 48 hours starting from Wednesday 9 a.m. to Friday 9 a.m.

The closure of the CNG stations has been announced under the weekly load management plan.

Despite the orders of Supreme Court, the owners of CNG stations defy the verdict and had proposed the price of Rs. 83.74 but ORGA has rejected the proposal.

On Monday, The Supreme Court has ordered the station owners to maintain the current price of CNG i.e Rs.54.16 per kg until the formulation of new policy from the government.

The court has also ruled that those who violate the orders should be punished strictly.

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Story first published: 20th November 2012






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