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Saturday 20, December 2014



48 hours closure ordered for CNG stations within Sindh

Posted by: Alize Ahmed, Uploaded: 12th November 2012

KARACHI: CNG stations within Sindh province would remain closed for the upcoming 48 hours, sources reported on Monday.

Reports received from Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGCL) indicate that CNG stations would remain shut for 48 hours starting from Tuesday 9 a.m. to Thursday 9 a.m.

The closure of the CNG stations has been tipped to be because of the deteriorating gas supply pressure received from various gas fields.

CNG stations have continued to remain shut more often after the recent order by the Supreme Court to reduce the prices citing it to be unlawful profit. The consistent closure of CNG stations has piled on the sufferings of local commuters who find it really difficult to travel within the city considering the fact that the substitute source of energy i.e. Petrol has remained at its peak price of more than a 100 rupees per liter.

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Story first published: 12th November 2012






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