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Monday 31, August 2015
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“I will make Kashmir issue my top priority”: Imran Khan

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Posted by: Fawad Khan, Uploaded: 15th November 2012

Speaking to a one of the biggest gathering in MirPur, Imran Khan said that he will make Kashmir one of his top priority.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf chairman Imran Khan, announced that one of his first foreign policy would be regarding the Kashmir issue and how to solve it.

Khan said that governments in the past have sought for a Military solution to the Kashmir issue instead of engaging in a dialogue process.

He said, that both India and Pakistan need to invest more in their people and less on their military if Kashmir issue is to be resolved.

He claimed that the people of Kashmir will be the key element in this process, as they will decide their own fate.

Imran Khan’s PTI was joined by a good number of ex- foreign ministers of Pakistan who posses a vast knowledge on how to deal with foreign affairs.

Khan revealed that the issue was nearly solved by the dialogue process between both countries but now it has been sidetracked and ignored by the current government.

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Story first published: 15th November 2012



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