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Monday 31, August 2015
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Waheeda Shah case: SC issues orders to halt by-elections in TM Khan

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Posted by: Maliha, Uploaded: 30th November 2012

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court, while hearing the Waheeda Shah case on Friday, ordered a halt over holding by-elections in Tando Mohammad Khan (PS-53) scheduled on December 4. SC also allowed the submission of Waheeda Shah’s appeal against the order of the Election Commission and the SIndh High Court whereby she was declared disqualified.

The case was heard by a three member bench of the SC presided over by Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk.

Waheeda Shah had been adjudged disqualified by the ECP over the incident whereby she had slapped the presiding officer Habiba Memon and hence she was found guilty of the offence and was disqualified from being elected as a member of an assembly for two years under Section 100 of the Act.

The Sindh High Court followed this by remaining by maintaining her conviction but cancelled out the disqualification element stating it to be a decision at the discretion of the Chief Election Commissioner.

On November 4, CEC Fakhruddin Ebrahim upheld the EC’s decision by declaring her disqualified.

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Story first published: 30th November 2012



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