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Saturday 20, December 2014



Young man jumps from 8th floor to escape fire

Posted by: Fawad Khan, Uploaded: 28th November 2012

In order to save his life, a young man named Owais, jumped from the 8th floor of State Life building in Saddar, Karachi.

A fire erupted inside the building in early hours of the day, as rescue agencies and fire brigades made their way to the building, a man was seen hanging by the 8th floor window of his office.

In hopes of avoiding the fire inside the building and being rescued, the man hung on to the window pane waiting for someone to come and rescue him.

However, the young man, unable to hold on any longer, let go of the window and fell crashing into a floor extension of the building.

The young man was identified as Owais, a 24 year old Karachi University student, who lived in Gulistan-e-Jauher and went to the State Life building for a job interview.

Rescue teams evacuated the building and dispatched Owais’s severely injured body to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

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Story first published: 28th November 2012






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