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Sunday 30, August 2015
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Youtube Ban to be lifted soon: PTA

Posted by: Afraz Ahmed, Uploaded: 16th November 2012

youtube ban removed

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Chairman, Farooq Awan, on Thursday stated that the the government has decided to lift the ban on YouTube “in a few days”.

He said that the website would be “accessible in the country in a few days”.

Youtube and other video websites were banned over anti-Islamic content in September. Pakistan and a few other countries had asked Youtube to remove all these Anti-Islamic videos which resulted in a huge uproar in the Muslim community around the world but the videos were never removed.

PTA Chairman, Farooq Awan, also mentioned that the auction to sell third generation (3G) mobile telecom licenses would be held in January 2013, adding that this would be done in a very transparent manner.

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Story first published: 16th November 2012



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