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Friday 28, August 2015
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Ali Gul Pir out with a new music video “Taroo Maroo”

Posted by: Fawad Khan, Uploaded: 6th December 2012

Pakistani singer and standup comedian Ali Gul Pir, who rose to fame with his debut song ‘Wadheray ka Beta”, just released another song called “Taroo Maroo”.

‘Taroo Maroo’ depicts the way, the working class people see the world – for lack of a better analogy. Ali once again solidified something which can no longer be considered an anomaly locally which remains a strong proof of his good observational skills which quite beautifully compliments his passion for stand up comedy.

Check out the video below!

Ali gul Pir Taroo Maroo

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Story first published: 6th December 2012



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