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Tuesday 23, December 2014



Indian man spends Rs 2.5 Crore on gold woven shirt to impress girls

Posted by: Maliha, Uploaded: 5th January 2013

PUNE: Datta Puge 32, a man belonging from the Pimpri-Chinchwad area of Pune district in India recently came up with a rare idea of his own to impress females by getting a solid gold shirt.

According to Puge, the shirt cost him around 1.5 Crore Indian rupee, which is equivalent to almost 2.5 million Pakistani rupees.

The solid gold shirt was manufactured with the help of 15 goldsmiths, who had to produce the shirt by weaving gold threads, taking up to two weeks on a 16 hour daily working basis.

Puge came up with this innovative idea thinking that the display of his fortune via the gold shirt would help him attract females.

Puge further admitted that he himself was not charming enough to attract the ladies but claimed that the gold shirt would help him do the trick.

The shirt is also accessorized with Swarovski crystal buttons, matching cuffs and a set of rings crafted from gold.

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Story first published: 5th January 2013






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