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Friday 30, January 2015



iPhone 6 and iOS 7 being tested

Posted by: Faraz Mirza, Uploaded: 3rd January 2013

Apple already appears to be testing its next iPhone and mobile operating system.

Multiple developers of Apple apps say they have begun to see references to “iPhone6,1″ hardware running iOS 7 in their app data usage logs, according to the Next Web.

App data usage logs help developers identify the kinds of devices and operating systems that are using their apps. The current iPhone — the iPhone 5 — is identified with either an “iPhone5,1″ or “iPhone5,2″ designation.

While it’s intriguing to discover that Apple might already be testing new products, the logs don’t reveal anything about new features that might be coming.

At most, the logs only show that Apple may be working on its next smartphone and its software, which some analysts believe will be released later this year.

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Story first published: 3rd January 2013






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