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Monday 31, August 2015
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Outrage on Twitter: #Justice4ShahzebKhan trends

Posted by: Bilal Khan, Uploaded: 2nd January 2013

After the TV interview of Shahrukh Jatoi’s father, Sikandar Jatoi, last night, an outrage on social media -especially on Twitter- was witnessed by the twitter-sphere. Comments and criticism and allegations fled in by the people who were tuned in to the show, as it went on air.
Below are some of the top tweets on hash-tag #Justice4ShahzebKhan :

Sikander jatoi .. A liar .. Changing his statements And now hez saying its happening to me bcz i m a Sindhi… Waah…#Justice4ShahzebKhan

Can Education bring a change or we still are the same#Feudals Stand Up for Justice Rule of Law Supremacy of Judiciary#Justice4ShahzebKhan

Umer Mukhtar @umerspeaks Jatoi’s trying to give lame excuses that they are being trapped in this case, sending message thru their own channel #Justice4ShahzebKhan

Dis functional society, corrupt government and impotent judiciary, perfect recipe for #BakeryBoy #Justice4ShahzebKhan #JusticeForVijanti

heard Shahrukh & Sikander Jatoi’s names were on ECL. What did they do in the past to have been restricted?#Justice4ShahzebKhan

Hassan Khan ‏@hassan_k82 #BakeryBoy #Justice4ShahzebKhan #JusticeForVijanti In each of these incidents law enforcement were handicapped by the feud mentality

Salman ahmad ‏@sufisal Students across Pakistan I need your help We want 2 start an anti-guns/ anti-violence campaign across colleges in Jan. #Justice4ShahzebKhan

According to sources, police has been given hefty bribes (in several corers) by Jatoi’s father, but we want #Justice4ShahzebKhan

Why are people shocked that Sikandar Jataoi is lying? Did you expect him to confess? #Justice4ShahzebKhan

“Kal Shahzeb Khan tha, aainda Shahzeb Khanzada bhi ho sakta hai” says @shahzebkhanzda #Express #Justice4ShahzebKhan

Anxioulsy waiting for @shahzebkhanzda‘s To The Point tonight at 11, Express, to see what the killers father has to say!#Justice4ShahzebKhan

CJP took suo moto notice of Shahzeb Khan murder. May they get justice soon. ameen #Justice4ShahzebKhan

Click Here for updates on Shahzeb Khan’s murder case

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Story first published: 2nd January 2013



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