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Thursday 29, January 2015



Pakistan releases 8 Taliban including Mullah Nooruddin

Posted by: Maliha, Uploaded: 1st January 2013

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has released eight members of the Afghan Taliban group including Mullah Nooruddin Turabi.

According to one of the statement released by the Foreign Office, eight Taliban have been released though the list issued only mentions five released members of the banned outfit.

The names include former Governor Helmland Abdul Bari, ex-justice Minister Mullah Nooruddin Turabi, former Minister Allahdad Tabeeb, former Kabul Governor Mullah Daud Jan and ex-Governor Mir Ahmed Gul.

The release has come up as a result of a peace talks between Pakistan and Afghan officials.

According to the Foreign Ministry, almost 26 Taliban have been freed till now during the peace negotiations and all of the releases have been made following release demands from the Afghan Peace Council.

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Story first published: 1st January 2013






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