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Monday 22, December 2014



Kashmir never been part of India: Naqash

Posted by: Farah Jamil, Uploaded: 23rd May 2013

ISLAMABAD: The All Parties Hurriyet Conference (APHC) leader and the Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Islamic Political Party, Mohammad Yousuf Naqash said on Monday that Kashmir has never been part of India and has forcibly and illegally been occupied by India,Kashmir Media Service reported.

According to report Mohammad Yousuf Naqash in a statement issued in Srinagar said that the people of Kashmir were perpetually struggling and supremely sacrificing to get rid of the forcible occupation and brutal oppression of India and were determined to continue the ongoing liberation movement till it reached its logical conclusion.

According to detail, the APHC leader said the Indian government does not believe in dialogue and peaceful ways and is hell bent on putting in danger millions of human lives by
converting the South Asia into a battlefield.

He added that the international community particularly the United Nations should perform its duty by taking serious note of it and should come to the rescue of Pakistan and Kashmir by resolving Kashmir in accordance with the United Nations Charter on
the principle of right to self-determination.

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Story first published: 23rd May 2013






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