Aamir Khan decides to stall the release of ‘Dangal’ in Pakistan

Aamir Khan-starrer ‘Dangal’ is one of the biggest hits in the history of Bollywood cinema. The film proved it self as a major hit all over the globe excluding, Pakistan, where it is still due to release.

According to Bollywood Bubble, just when the film was ready to release in Pakistan, ‘Mr Perfectionist’ himself decided to stall the release, and the reason behind it is that Pakistani Central Board of Film Censors has demanded to edit out two scenes involving the Indian flag and the national anthem.

Khan’s spokesperson told a leading daily,

“Pakistan had been very keen on releasing the film and several distributors had been talking to us, but after their censor came back with a demand for two cuts, Aamir Khan decided to stall the release.”

Further adding that,

“Not only are the scenes pivotal to the film, there’s nothing jingoistic that is demeaning towards another country or person. He felt that the demand seemed unreasonable so we either release the film as it is or not at all.”

Head of Pakistan’s censor board, Mobashir Hasan while stating his veiws on the matter said

 “the decision is the collective wisdom of the board.” He further added that it was now up to the local distributor to release the film or not.

Towards the climax of the film, there’s a sequence when Geeta wins gold medal and National Anthem is being played.

Aamir’s spokesperson said,

“Every sports movie honours the winner and his or her country. It’s only natural and in good spirit.”

“If it released in Pakistan, ‘Dangal’ would have probably made Rs 10 to 12 crore, which it won’t now and there will be piracy too but it was a stand that we had to take,” added the spokesperson.