Watch Nasir Khan Jan issuing an open challenge to legendary Lata Mangeshkar

Social media sensation (no offence) known as Nasir Khan Jan is on the verge of loosing his sanity (completely) as recently he found the audacity to issue an open challenge to living legend Lata Mangeshkar.

Well, he has posted a video in which he is singing the iconic number ‘Lag Jaa Gale’, and believe us, his singing will give you tumor in ears.

Along with the video, he wrote, “An open challenge to LATA MANGEAHKAR by the Legend singer Nasir Khan Jan.” (sic)

There is absolutely no chance that Lata Mangeshkar will see this video and even if she does, she will die out of laughing.

Nasir Khan, on his official facebook page describe himself as an actor, singer and model but the thing that cemented his ‘legacy’ is the specialty for ruining great songs by simply singing them in his horrendous voice.

And as always people from the sub-continent did not take this specific attempt very kindly, you can read the comments in which they lambasted and abused him with some calling him a ‘disgrace’ for Pakistan.

You let us know what your thoughts about this video in the comment section below  (only if  you mange to hold on to your consciousness) …