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Thursday 29, January 2015



Distribution Detail

 Satellite:  Paksat-1R
 Orbital Location:  38 degrees East
 Downlink Band:  C-Band
 Downlink Frequency:  4074 MHz
 Symbol Rate:  6150 Sym
 Polarity:  Vertical
 FEC:  3/4
 Modulation:  DVB-S2
AAJ TV uses the C-Band capacity on Paksat-1R satellite, which broadcasts to over 60 countries from Australia to Eastern Europe. Below is an image of the Paksat-1R footprint
  • Downlink Information Satelite : Paksat-1R Frequency : 3750 Vetical Symbol Rate : 28212 or 2821 FEC : 3/4
  • Aaj TV is available in USA through Time Warner Cable. To subscribe please call 718 358 0900 and ask for Channel 572.
  • Aaj TV is available in the Middle East through Pehla. For more information please visit

Contact Details

Karachi  0331-2011286
Hyderabad  0345-3172778
Sukkur  0331-2011372
Faisalabad  0331-2011333
Islamabad  0331-2011373
Lahore  0333-4788835
Multan  0331-2011334
Peshawar  0331-2011288
Quetta  0333-7959383



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