How To Spend Eid Amid A Pandemic

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How To Spend Eid Amid A Pandemic

The world is in a weird space these days. 2020 has been a year of changes, unfortunately forced and unpleasant ones but changes nonetheless. This pandemic has really shook the world. No one saw this coming and now every nation is in damage control mode. Amid this global medical emergency Eid ul Fitr will be very different.

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Eid ul Fitr is one of the two festive holidays celebrated by Muslims all over the world. Eid marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan and is often spent with family and friends.

Most of countries may still be in lockdown but that doesn’t mean we can forget about celebrating this Eid. There are several essential Sunnahs of Eid that all of us should strive to fulfill. But this time we’ve to spend the festive occasion with cautions and minding the SoPs and guidelines given by the government.

Here are the things you should keep in mind while celebrating this unique Eid:

Keep social distancing/ No embracing each other

This year preventative measures and social distancing rules will surely make Eid traditions difficult to stick to. But you should respect the rules and avoid embracing each other as there’s a chance of virus transmission through social contact.


Eat healthy to boost your immune system

Eid is synonymous with yummy meals and desserts and half of the excitement brought by Eid is just for the festive food. But this Eid, we should be concerned and keeping check on what we eat as amid a pandemic the need for adopting healthy lifestyle has become even more critical. So you should be eating lesser unhealthy foods and more immunity booster food items like vegetables, fruits etc. Especially diabetics and people with cardiac issues must refrain from eating fatty food.

Avoid going out unnecessarily

As the virus threat is still looming and it’s believed that Pakistan’s COVID-19 curve is still peaking , we should avoid public gatherings this Eid. It really goes against the usual spirit of Eid but this time we’ve to take a rain check on our Eid plans so as to flatten the COVID curve. Instead, Zoom or Facetime your grandparents and other relatives to wish them “Eid Mubarak!” and stay connected in these difficult times.

Try giving Sadqa/Charity as much as possible

Sadqa or charity is an important pillar of Islam. So we must help out the less privileged ones. These past few months have been really hard on the masses. So this Eid share your bounties as much as possible.

Remember the plane crash victims and COVID-19 casualties in your thoughts and prayers

Yesterday, we heard one really distressing news as plane crashed in Karachi claiming 97 lives. People who were going to their homes on the ill-fated flight to celebrate this blessed festival are no longer with us.We should also remember the people who lost their lives due to COVID-19 all over the world. We must remember them in our prayers.
Pakistan’s premier Imran Khan also remembered the victims in his Eid greeting tweet.