Singer Zoheb Hassan and others who could have been on ill-fated PIA flight to Karachi

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Singer Zoheb Hassan and others who could have been on ill-fated PIA flight to Karachi

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aircraft carrying more than 90 passengers and 8 crew members crashed in a residential colony in Karachi, minutes before landing, on Friday. The tragic incident has claimed at least 92 lives so far. Flight PK 8303 took off from Lahore and was bound for Karachi.

Singer Zoheb Hassan, in a Facebook post, shared that he could have been on the ill-fated flight, however, he returned to Karachi two days earlier than he was meant to. Maybe it was a stroke of luck or his mother’s prayers.


“My dear father who passed away last Friday promised me to take care of my ailing mother if he dies. He died a few hours later. The only flight available was 300 miles from London in Manchester. With great difficulty I managed to get on to a ‘repatriation’ flight which was mainly carrying coronavirus affectees and dead bodies,” he shared and added, “Upon reaching Lahore I was quarantined with 300 other passengers in a hotel. Nine of the crew and several other passengers contracted COVID-19 on the flight.”

Zoheb continued, “I was supposed to leave after 72 hours on flight PIA 830 from Lahore to Karachi. As my father’s burial was on 21st I did everything in my power to get tested, as a special case, and return to Karachi on the same doomed flight 2 days earlier. God helped me here. My result was negative and was allowed to leave early. If I did not have the prayers and blessing of my dying father I would have either contracted COVID 19 on the 1st leg of my journey or been on PIA 830 which crashed in Karachi today. Thank you God you are the greatest and I bow down to you…”

Lieutenant Hamza Yousaf:

Zoheb wasn’t the only one who was saved due to a change in plans. Lieutenant Hamza Yousaf, who was supposed to travel to Karachi on the same plane, took advice from his father and decided to take the train instead. The news of his survival was shared by a family friend on Twitter:

“Lt Hamza Yousaf 141 LC is alive Alhamdulillah. He was supposed to come by flight but rather came by train. Confirmed from his brother. He is with his family by the grace of Allah.”

Syed Mustafa Ahmed:

Syed Mustafa Ahmed was meant to fly from Lahore to Karachi. He tried booking a seat on the flight PK 8303, which crashed on Friday, but system error wouldn’t let his payment go through, shared Arab News. This system error might just have saved Mustafa’s life.

Madiha Imran:

Madiha Imran, an air hostess with PIA, was set to fly on ill-fated flight as a part of the cabin crew. However, at the very last minute, due to change in duty roster, stand-by hostess Anam Maqsood was asked to fly instead. According to reports, Anam Maqsood has died in the incident.