Alarming level of drug addiction and abuses draining Pakistan

Alarming level of drug addiction and abuses draining Pakistan

Many people use the terms drug abuse and addiction interchangeably, even though they are very different terms. If you are struggling with drugs in your life. It’s important for you to know the difference between these two terms so you can seek the right treatment. Only then, when you identify your problem.

Although drug and drug addiction are different terms, they are related. Drug abuse refers to using drugs even though it has become a problem in your life. One of the worst consequences of drug abuse is its ability to develop into drug dependency, or addiction; drug addiction is not a moral failing but rather an illness that is recognized by medical community. Most people use drug to reduce their stress level, depression and anxiety.

Drug Use In Pakistan

In last few decades drug addiction in Pakistan has reached the alarming situation in Pakistan the total number of drug addicts per UN report is 67 million. The united nation office on drug user UNODC calculates that more than 800,000 Pakistani aged between 15 and 64 use drug daily. it is also estimated that up to 44 tons of processed heroin are consumed annually in pakistan.the number of these addicts is increasing at the rate of 40,000 per year making Pakistan most of the drug affected countries in the world

According to a report by NGO 53% students of leading private schools in Islamabad are addicted to drugs.Hats more than half of the school going population in the country capital. Another report that report data from schools and universities in Lahore indicates that 57%of the students in Pakistan were using at least one drug. Almost 50%of the students of elite educational institution were drug addicts.karachi has reached on number of second highest cannabise in the world in terms of consuming cannabis including hashish at 41.95 metric tons, or 41,950 kgs.

Pakistan government is not focusing on drug addiction cases as they have to do to stop people being addicted and punish the dealer of drug after some of the serious cases and report which has been publish by some of the news paper and also report from the international and local NGOS in which they tells that how much the ratio of addicts are increasing.

After this serious issue raised by the media and reports Pakistan government step forward and has began taking strict action against drug dealer and pusher.

Pakistan government made anti narcotics controls ANF is the principle agency for combating supply and demand reduction of illicit narcotic drug that enter Pakistan mainly through the long porous border with Afghanistan. The Khyber Pakhtunkhaw police authorities are taking serious action. They proposed amendment in the law to increase the minimum punishment for carrying a gram of the synthetic drug up to seven years imprisonment and a fine of RS 500,000 the authorities of the capital city police have written to the provincial government on a number of occasions to amend the control of Narcotics substance ACT 1997 to increase penalty for selling smuggling and using ice and heroin.

The MNC under its policy objective ‘drug demand reduction’ of the national narcotics policy 2010 holds awareness session,walks etc across the country the purpose behind these activities is to raise awareness amongst the masses against hazards of drugs; and to sensitize them about its devastating nature.

The people of old china have been suffered terribly from this drug addiction. Before Mao’s revolution in 1949 the situation china was so devasted. The people of china were worst condition. When Mao’s took a charge of president of china he started a campaign against drug dealers in china. Mao’s campaign was so strong and in this campaign a different approach was taken towards big drug traffics that got rich off the suffering of the people. They were classified “enemies of the people” there big time criminals were put on trial in front of thousands of people. People whose life was ruined by drugs testified against them, by the end of 1951 the new china announced that the drug problem had been wiped out.

Our Pakistani government needs total serious action against the drug dealer like Mao did and learns the way he did to save china from a horrible time in which china was in dark of drug adductors. To save our country our government should step forward to wipe out this drug addiction in country.