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Friday 19, December 2014




Select “the right animal” for Qurbani

By: Web Desk, Uploaded: 29th September 2014

Select “the right animal” for Qurbani There are certain traits that matter the most while making selection of the ‘appropriate animal’ for the purpose of Qurbani. Price, of course, is a major consideration but as significant are various other factors: the place of the animal’s origin, color of its fur, size of its testicles, its age, its physique, pure breed of...

A Glance at Israel’s Brutality In Horror And Death Stricken Gaza

By: Web Desk, Uploaded: 5th August 2014

A Glance at Israel’s Brutality In Horror And Death Stricken Gaza Nowadays, Twitter and Face book news feeds are being flooded with horrifying and petrifying images of weeping, sobbing and wailing Palestinian families clinging carcasses of their children, parents or friends. The rising death toll in Gaza is devastating and calamitous. Moreover, the irresolvable differences between Israel and Gaza are aggravating as Palestinian men, women, children...

VIP Protocol in Pakistan – Manifestation of egocentricity

By: Web Desk, Uploaded: 10th March 2014

VIP Protocol in Pakistan – Manifestation of egocentricity by Farhan Mushtaq Risen up by the people-elected and put on the corridors of power —all by the people. After being served so nicely, even animals are tamed. At least that’s what my experience is with the animals. Getting stuck in traffic just because your way unfortunately happened to be in the path of VIP...

Job Security —- A loser’s concern

By: Web Desk, Uploaded: 6th March 2014

Job Security —- A loser’s concern by Farhan Mushtaq While reading through in-numerous articles written on the topic of job security, some of which, advising and luring individuals into believing, how their shift to self-employment might change their days-of-misery and earn them a better living. Sounds highly convincing ? doesn’t it. Everybody’s job security is on the line, as long as...

Telecom picking up pace with each passing year in Pakistan

By: Sheraz Nasir, Uploaded: 24th January 2014

Telecom picking up pace with each passing year in Pakistan By Shahid Ali Butt Telecom – considered as tool for advancement – has now revolutionized the way people connect and interact, since a visible change in information communications sector is picking up a pace with each passing year. It is the sector that has reduced distances, transcended borders and brought people together in a way...

Malala Yusafzai Case: Debating the Real Rightwing

By: Moez Mobeen, Uploaded: 22nd July 2013

Malala Yusafzai Case: Debating the Real Rightwing The attack on the young Malala Yusafzai has morphed in to a debate about the future direction of Pakistan. Such debates are healthy for a society which is marred in all sorts of problems and issues and hence any such initiative about discussing ideas and solutions to the problems felt by the society should be...

Fighting Colonialism

By: Moez Mobeen, Uploaded: 15th July 2013

Fighting Colonialism The Abbottabad Commission report termed the US raid on 2nd May 2011 to kill Osama bin Laden an act of war by the US against Pakistan. Despite this, Pakistan’s bilateral relationship with US has continued on a normal track with Pakistan continuing to be the front line state in the US war on terror and...

Need of compassion in this competitive world

By: Sumaira Alwani, Uploaded: 5th July 2013

Need of compassion in this competitive world What are we without compassion? It’s just like being an animal and looking out only for oneself. According to me the most appropriate explanation for compassion is described by Author Fredrick Buechner. He says that “Compassion is sometimes the fatal capacity for feeling what it is like to live inside somebody else’s skin. It is...

Beyond the Imperfection

By: Sana Malik, Uploaded: 10th June 2013

Beyond the Imperfection I wake up every day, go the University, do lunch somewhere and get back home. I see people, places and moments. I observe how people living in the same city vary from one another. How everyone has their different stories and different realities of life. For a class project, I went to the Dolmen City...

A Rebuttal of the Official Narrative on the War on Terror

By: Moez Mobeen, Uploaded: 30th May 2013

A Rebuttal of the Official Narrative on the War on Terror The war on terror continues to be the most important and polarizing debate in Pakistan. Yet, it continues to this day with the most fundamental question still unanswered, is it our war or not? Although since the start of this war, Pakistani public has consistently rejected it as an American war, a section of the...

Civil nuclear help from China

By: Aqil Khan, Uploaded: 27th May 2013

Civil nuclear help from China Often our political leadership gives such statements like an XYZ country will make an investment in Pakistan But I ask why? The developed countries coming for investment have their own business interests and their investment is not to let Pakistan become a self-sufficient nation with a rival to their businesses and market interests. This would...

Hannibal So Far

By: Laila Rehman, Uploaded: 25th May 2013

Hannibal So Far I recently watched “Red Dragon” and this TV show, based on the same characters, trumps that movie. It has aspects of a procedural cop show, but it’s really not the focus of the show. The show isn’t doing “killer of the week” in the traditional sense where the bulk of the plot is them hunting down the...

Are Air Conditioners a luxury?

By: Farah Jamil, Uploaded: 22nd May 2013

Are Air Conditioners a luxury? If someone asked this question a few decades ago, the answer could be somewhat in affirmation. However, today’s scenario is quite different from the past. Air conditioners that were once considered a luxury accessory to be afforded by the elite class only and were made available only by a handful of local and multinational companies...

The most conflicted constituency NA-250

By: Asma Sayani, Uploaded: 20th May 2013

The most conflicted constituency NA-250 Finally a partial re-run of the vote in 43 polling stations of NA-250 concluded peacefully and efficiently after many allegations, counter allegations, debate between political parties. Surprisingly, the process took place without any troublesome incident contrary to May 11’s mismanagement and staggering delays and riggings but to an utter disappointment the turnout was much lower...

Sleeping authorities will make Pakistan isolated

By: Asma Sayani, Uploaded: 18th May 2013

Sleeping authorities will make Pakistan isolated Pakistan is the only country in the world without a clear health structure, making its people vulnerable all around the world. The country may face an international travel ban, including a possible ban on Hajj travel by Saudi Arabia, due to its failure in controlling recent measles outbreak. Authorities’ failure in its prevention could lead...

Rigging not only a problem in NA-250

By: Laila Rehman, Uploaded: 17th May 2013

Rigging not only a problem in NA-250 “Were the elections really fair and free?” a question that rises after every election held in Pakistan.  It is very unfortunate that even after repeated claims of The Elections Commission of Pakistan about providing Free and Fair elections, many political parties have not felt satisfied with the proceedings. Many political leaders believe that the ECP...

Election rigging videos that surfaced on social media

By: Hassaan Ali, Uploaded: 14th May 2013

Election rigging videos that surfaced on social media A man opening Rigging the ballot box in NA-251 Very Clear Video of Election Rigging from NA-219 (Hyderabad) Female voters presenting bangles to police Fake voters caught in Lahore Election rigging caught by rangers Ballot boxes kicked and feeling apart on roads Election rigging in Punjab Karachi police doing nothing and sleeping during polling Poll...

Hope Reborn

By: Maidah Haris Dar, Uploaded: 14th May 2013

Hope Reborn The election of 2013 was an event that I had been looking forward to for a long time. Not only was it going to be the first time that I was going to cast my vote but after the disappointments of the previous government, these elections were a ray of hope, that maybe the next...

Altaf Hussain threatens Karachi’s separation and later denies

By: Maliha, Uploaded: 14th May 2013

Altaf Hussain threatens Karachi’s separation and later denies KARACHI: After the allegations of other political parties on Muttahida Qaumi Movement, of massive poll rigging in Karachi and Hyderabad, the Chief of MQM Altaf Hussain passed several enraged statements in his telephonic address in 9/0 sector on Sunday. He targeted his statements towards the establishment of Pakistan. “If establishment does not like the mandate...

Eve teasing and public harassment

By: Ramsha kohat, Uploaded: 14th May 2013

Eve teasing and public harassment It was anything but a regular Friday night. I had to reach at a social event which was part of a Summit where I was representing my university. Not accustomed or allowed to travel alone, I was panicking since my Father was out of city and my mother couldn’t leave the home alone. So I...

A Letter to Imran Khan

By: Hareem Atif Khan, Uploaded: 11th May 2013

A Letter to Imran Khan Dear Imran, I was a schoolgirl in the 80’s and I know you. I remember the excitement of the Brooke Bond ad, the value of your autograph. I remember the pages in slam books dedicated to you. I know who my boy-cousins and chacha’s were pretending to be when they swung a bat over their...

Why am I voting for PTI?

By: Fatima Abbas, Uploaded: 10th May 2013

Why am I voting for PTI? A day before the elections and I am still not entirely swayed by the alleged ‘tsunami’ Imran Khan claims to bring. It is easy to get caught up in the raging bat-fever these days, but how many of these ardent supporters have objectively evaluated PTI’s policies. PTI’s policies regarding a uniform education system, affordable justice...

Voting For Yourselves Only

By: Areesha Mazhar, Uploaded: 9th May 2013

Voting For Yourselves Only . Every leader wants to make a naya Pakistan and convince Pakistani population to vote for them. They all promise basically the same thing, the idea of peace and prosperity. Talking to various people I have realized the air of despair have very well settled into our lives. It is like a dark misty fog surrounding...

The Next Investment

By: Laila Rehman, Uploaded: 9th May 2013

The Next Investment By 2035, global shale oil production has the potential to reach up to 14 million barrels per day by 2035, in other words, 12% of the world’s total oil supply.  A report from the EIA projects oil prices will drop as low as USD 133 per barrel, while assuming conservative figures in the levels of...

The Art of Living

By: Areesha Mazhar, Uploaded: 9th May 2013

The Art of Living A few days ago I was walking alongside the beach with my friend, she on the shallow waves, while I preferred to walk on the sand ,she asked me the usual question , the question one immediately pops in somewhat relaxed surroundings, Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I was about to launch...

Life – A matter of perspective

By: Gul Nayani, Uploaded: 9th May 2013

Life – A matter of perspective Whenever I feel myself trapped in the world of worries and want to break free, I turn to the beach .The sound of the waves refreshes my very soul. My bare feet touching the wet sand makes me feel alive as ever. Few hours at the beach makes me forget all the worries that were...

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