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Wednesday 28, January 2015


Bolta Pakistan
PK Time: Mon – Thurs, 10:00 pm
PK (rpt) Tue – Fri, 7:00 am
USA Time: Mon - Thurs, 1:00 pm
UAE Time: Mon – Thurs, 9:00 pm
Bolta Pakistan
The show that has rocked the establishment!

Mushtaq Minhas and Nusrat Javed, with their polar opposite views on everything in life, fight it out on the big issues to show you every angle of the situation. Public and high ranking officials’ calls make the show the most relevant and dynamic show on television. The first of its kind format that has made 11pm the new prime time on news channels and has generated several copy cat shows on other channels.
Host: Nusrat Javed & Mushtaq Minhas
Director: Malik Mohsin
Producer: Malik Mohsin





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