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Thursday 24, July 2014


Bottom Line with Absar
PK Time – Friday & Saturday, 8:00 pm
Repeat – Saturday & Sunday, 9:00 am
USA Time - Friday & Saturday, 11:00 am
UAE Time –Friday & Saturday, 7:00 pm
Bottom Line with Absar
"A Current Affair is like watching the truth about a story and “Bottom Line with Absar Alam” tries to dig out all the truth and real hard facts. Not only well executed in Production but also well worked out content wise. This show reports facts and tells it like it is. It also has many exclusives. A format with no guest fights, bad languages and controversies. With a new idea of “Twittee Line” to inform viewers what’s happening in Social Media."
Host: Absar Alam
Director: Aziz-ul-Arfeen
Producer: Aziz-ul-Arifeen






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