Ramazan Ramazan News

The First Ashra of Ramazan calls for ‘Mercy’

By Afshan Zahra

The Holy Month of Ramadan is sub divided into three Ashras or three segments of 10 days each. Every Ashra has its own significance: mercy, forgiveness and refuge from hell fire respectively. Muslims, therefore, engage in supplications according to the virtues of the specific Ashra.

The First Ashra of Ramadan is dedicated to the Mercy of Allah. The prime objective of a Muslim in this Ashra should, therefore be to invoke Allah Almighty for His mercy.

In the Holy Book, Allah Almighty guides the believers to seek mercy and forgiveness in the following way:

“O My Lord, forgive me and have mercy upon me for you are the best of the merciful.” Surah Muminun (23:118)

To gather compassion in the first ten days of Ramadan, a Muslim must resort to utmost worship and supplication as the mercy of Allah is at its pinnacle in this blessed month.

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