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It is so unfortunate, that the country that was created, as a result of long political struggle is been ruled by planted leadership.

The influence and control of establishment that serves the interest of imperial powers is so engraved in Pakistani politics, that it actually incubates leaders in establishment controlled political incubators then hatch and groom them as needed to serve its interests.

The game of chicken politics has been happening for so long, this planted leadership belongs to 2% elites, it has no connection with local population, no awareness of their issues, and it does not serve the interests of ordinary masses.

We have experienced dictatorships, so-called democratic governments in 64 years but still there is no hope or change for common citizen, even their living standard is getting worse, and it is almost impossible for them to make their ends meet.

We saw establishment’s beloved and pampered leader Nawaz Sharif in late 80s, three times prime minister failed to deliver any change but still dreaming to become a 4th term prime minister in next elections.

Pakistani establishment is now hatching and promoting Imran Khan as a leader of choice and electronic media is also playing hype to promote him as a clean and honest leader although his past and present is full of contradiction, accusations and arrogance and he also belongs from 2% elites, and has no awareness of daily life issues of an ordinary
citizens of Pakistan.

Sometimes I feel so embarrassed what type of banana republic nation we are, for us the criteria for leadership is either planted or inherited and we still expect these chicken politicians can make any major change in our life.

Nations choose their leadership based on experience, political struggle and past deliverables but in Pakistan establishment imposes planted leadership on us based on false rosy promises and again we will hope for change but same old result.

As a common citizen why don’t we have courage and wisdom to choose our own well informed and educated leadership that looks like us, feels like us and belongs to us? We have to change our mindset and the perception about the leadership and elected representatives.

We should eliminate the difference between the voters and the electable; we should choose well-educated and honest common citizen from among us as an electable representative instead of any feudal or 2% elite saying that I am your electable representative.

Nothing will change until we change ourselves and make right decisions at the right time; just beating the same drum will not produce any melody of hope or change.