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Remote Controls, wires and cable boxes have always been an irritating issue when watching television but now IKEA, the swedish furniture giants, have introduced their first Television that is fully integrated into a piece of furniture in order to cut down the number of wires to the smallest possible level.

The Television is known as "Uppleva" which features a HD screen, a blu-ray player, 2.1 surround sound, Wi-Fi and a suite of HDMI and USB ports.

All the components of the Uppleva can be operated via a single remote control, and the front of the furniture part of the system hiding the unsightly components still lets signals from the remote control through.

The HD LED television, developed by IKEA in cooperation with Chinese television maker TCL Multimedia, is available in three sizes. It is also Wi-Fi ready and has smart TV capabilities, meaning you can connect it to the Internet.

Reuters reports that the the system will come to five European cities in June, spreading to seven European countries by the fall and hitting remaining markets (like ours) in 2013.

Prices will start around $960 for the most basic combination, but because of enhanced customization options, costs would differ with respect to features opted.