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BAGHDAD: At least 30 people were killed when five explosions rocked mainly Shia Muslim areas in an apparent coordinated attack on Iraq’s capital on Thursday, police and hospital sources said.

Although overall violence has declined from the height of sectarian conflict in 2006-07, bombings and killings still occur on a daily basis and a crisis amongst Iraq’s fragile coalition government of Shias, Sunnis and Kurds has raised tensions.

Roadside bombs targeting labourers and security forces killed seven people and wounded 20 others, the sources said. The explosions occurred in Amil, Kadhimiya, Palestine Street and Zaafaraniya districts.

Two car bombs also hit the northern oil-rich city of Kirkuk, killing four people and wounding 21 others, police sources said.

Attacks in Iraq are mostly blamed on Sunni Arab insurgents who have refused to lay down arms after the withdrawal of US forces in December.

Militants have frequently targeted Shia areas and Iraq’s security forces since the withdrawal.

On Monday, gunmen killed four Shia farmers in the northern outskirts of Baghdad, while seven Shia pilgrims were killed by armed men last Friday.