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Imagine a shopping platform with the greatest amount of choice and the ability to compare prices and save money. That is what Pakistani e-commerce startup Shopsy.pk is aiming to achieve. Shopsy is a shopping search engine with the aim of bringing all online stores in Pakistan under one roof. Products are updated daily to ensure shoppers get the latest price and stock information.

Shopsy has 40 lac products from 225 online stores, which makes it amongst the two largest shopping platforms in the country. 

The idea of Shopsy.pk was born when its Cofounder & CEO, Usama Arjumand, returned back to Pakistan after spending more than a decade in the UK. An avid online shopper, Usama was disappointed with the lack of choice offered on online stores in Pakistan. An experienced entrepreneur with three prior startups and a successful exit in the UK, Usama decided there was a tremendous opportunity to put his skill set and experience to use. 

Shopsy uses machine learning and AI to understand user intent and deliver results that are highly relevant. The idea is to deliver results that are accurate the first time, without having users to apply various filters or spend time navigating through categories.

According to Usama: “Our objective is to make it easy for online shoppers in Pakistan to find products they are looking for and save money by comparing prices online. Users on average save more than 10% by comparing prices on Shopsy.”


Shopsy’s Android app aims to make it easy for online shoppers to access all shopping sites in Pakistan from a single mobile app, saving them time and precious storage space. An IOS app for Apple users is expected to be launched in the near future.