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Amidst worldwide protests against the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black unarmed man, at the hands of police, a new debate has begun in Pakistan about casual racism and our attitudes toward people with dark skin. It started with a fan pointing out that while Zara Noor Abbas is advocating for #Blacklivesmatter, she is part of the problem for endorsing skin whitening products.

While Abbas was heavily criticized by many on Twitter for 'hypocrisy', senior BBC journalist Haroon Rashid raised a very important point regarding the cancel culture. In a Tweet he asked:

"Another question - some stars who endorsed skin lightening products have since apologized for their ignorance/lack of knowledge at the time. Their names/photos are still being shared. If one has acknowledged one's mistake - should they still be used as examples in a bad light?"

Responding to his query, Superstar actor Mahira Khan shared her views. According to Mahira Khan:

"No, they should not be used as examples in a bad light. We are quick to cancel, not to converse."

Haroon too agreed with Mahira's stance:

"I agree with you. The conversation is the most important way of educating more people, in my opinion. We have to discuss in order to get to the root cause of the issue. We forget celebrities are humans, with the same social conditioning as the rest of us. They also learn and evolve."