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As soon as the teaser of Mansha Pasha, Sonya Husyn, and Zaid Ahmed starer 'Muhabat Tujhe Alvida' was released, a debate was stirred on social media with many calling the story an exact replica of Bollywood film Judai.

From the teaser and promo of this new serial, it appears that the story revolves around a wealthy woman, an ambitious wife, and his middle-class husband. Judai's story also revolves around a greedy housewife who asks her husband to marry his boss's rich daughter. The story and characters of both Judai and Muhabat Tujhe Alvida have an uncanny resemblance to each other and could be mistaken for replicas.

However, Laal Kabootar famed Mansha Pasha has addressed these accusations and set the record straight. She took to Twitter to address the issue at hand:

"The barrage of messages I got with [regard] to my new drama and a [reference] to another film and most of them were about Ertugrul and my opinion regarding that. The fact that our frame of reference is another foreign film and we don't even know our own folklore which has this story goes back to what I was saying initially," the actor wrote and added, "INVEST IN LOCAL ARTS, TALES, STORIES. So that we can all learn the stories, the folklore, and rich history of our arts and culture."

She attached the reference photo of Sindhi folklore Lilan Chanesar, implying that the inspiration for Muhabat Tujhe Alvida has been taken from this story rather than Judai.

Lilan Chanesar is Sindhi folklore written by Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai. The main character of this folklore was beautiful Lilan who was wife of Raja Chanesar. He was a prominent ruler of the Soomra dynasty and he ruled Deval Kot an ancient City of Sindh near Thatta, Pakistan. Lilan was very interested in jewelry, precious stones, and diamonds and let another princess spend a night with her husband in exchange for a Naulakha Har. When Chanesar realized that his beloved queen has sold him for a necklace, he left her for the same women she sold him to for one night.

Tale of Lilan Chanesar has been told and re-told many times in Sindhi and Persian.