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Indian film and television actor Sushant Singh committed suicide at his residency in Mumbai on Sunday. He was only 34 at the time of his death.

Singh was found hanging at his home in Bandra earlier this morning. However, no suicide note has yet been found. Initial reports from the police say that he was suffering from depression for the past six months and was living alone in lockdown when he took this extreme step, According to India Today.

Police are currently investigating his death.

His colleagues and peers in Bollywood and his fans took to social media to offer condolences to his family. However, some social media users started sharing some distressing photos of the actor too. Cybercrime wing of Maharashtra Police, the Maharashtra Cyber, has issued warning against sharing any such pictures.

"A disturbing trend has been observed on Social Media platforms by Maharashtra Cyber that pictures of deceased actor Shri. Sushant Singh Rajput are being circulated, which is disturbing and in bad taste. It is emphasized that circulation of such pictures is against legal guidelines and court directions, and are liable to invite legal action," the agency said in a tweet and added, "Maharashtra Cyber exhorts and directs all netizens to refrain from circulating the aforesaid pictures. The pictures already circulated should be deleted henceforth."

Last rites of the deceased actor are to be observed tomorrow.