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It is said that “Success means doing the simplest we will with what we've. Success is that the doing, not the getting; within the trying, not the triumph. Success may be a personal standard, reaching for the very best that's in us, becoming all that we will be”

Today we are going to talk about a man who is a very capable, intelligent, and very entrepreneur person. He achieved success at an early age in his life due to his hard work. And now he is counted among the top I.T. specialists in Pakistan.

Hamza khan born and in Abbottabad, Pakistan on 5th December 1999. He is doing BS (Computer Science) from Comsats University. From a really young age, he dreams of achieving something high in life. He is interested in the field of information technology, which is why he is pursuing a degree in computer science.

His inspiration behind all this was his dream to start out his own businesses. However he didn’t simply do a drive within the business trade however commenced through Facebook. In keeping with him, Facebook was the sole social media he used. Throughout his university years, he mentally ready himself to start out up his own business. Hamza started his career with social media and in a very short time, he became a Facebook media partner. Later, he started working on many e-commerce websites and he got a lot of success and money. Hamza khan created a successful community on social media and he handles all the technical work himself.

Hamza Khan is a very intelligent man who focuses on his work and he achieved his goal in a very short time. He is an expert person in the information technology field who managed all field works in different aspects and guide them or to support all members of the team by analyzing and troubleshooting network systems and software. Hamza IT specialist uses their tech-savvy nature to answer concerns regarding software and hardware.

Additionally, he uses database analysis to arrange and manage company data regarding everything from inventory and payroll records. Hamza Khan has many years of experience as a social media expert.

He also has many e-commerce businesses as he sells products on Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram. The sale of some election products on Amazon. Hamza Khan genuinely loves his work and he is usually willing to place in those extra hours to form the business succeed because there's a joy that his business gives which matches beyond the cash. The drive and determination in his personality will help him keep going regardless of what.

At the last he said that “My motivation behind all this was his dream to begin my businesses. However I didn’t simply do a plunge within the business set out through Facebook. In keeping with him, Facebook was the sole social media I used. Throughout his university years, I mentally ready himself to begin up his own business."