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CASES 282,645 782
DEATHS 6,052 17
Sindh 122,759 Cases
Punjab 94,040 Cases
Balochistan 11,821 Cases
Islamabad 15,182 Cases
KP 34,432 Cases

On Tuesday, the US reported a record one-day tally for new COVID-19 cases.

It proved to be one of the worst days yet in the country's fight against novel coronavirus as the biggest one-day spike was seen since the start of the pandemic. Moreover, health officials and the government’s top infectious disease expert warned that the number could double soon.

US has been the most adversely affected country by COVID-19 as it has reported over 2.7 million cases and 130,000 plus deaths due to the viral disease until today. President Trump and his administration have long been criticized for their delayed response against coronavirus. The majority of public and opposition parties have expressed their concerns regarding the government handling of the situation.

Although the COVID numbers are already scary in the US, most experts have warned that cases are most likely to double very soon. Head of US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr, Anthony Fauci recently stated this while testifying to a Senate committee:

"Clearly we are not in control right now. I wouldn't be surprised if new virus cases in the country reach 100,000 per day."

Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of NIAID.
Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of NIAID.

It was previously thought that the US had seen the worst of COVID-19 in March-April when thousands were dying daily as the virus peaked in New York and New Jersey. But now the whole country is in some serious danger as coronavirus is still rampant in most states. The surge in new cases in the USA is occurring particularly strongly in southern and western states including Florida, Arizona, Texas, and California.

These are the four states referenced by Dr. Fauci as being most severely hit currently. These states are now moving towards closing down recently reopened businesses to contain the virus.