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Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut has vowed to return her Padma Shri National Award if she can't prove her claims about Sushant Singh Rajput's death. She was speaking to the Republic TV and shared that she was summoned by the police to be a part of investigations.

“They (Mumbai police) summoned me and I asked them since I’m in Manali if they can send somebody to take my statement here but I have not received anything after that. I am telling you, if I have said anything, which I can’t testify, which I can’t prove, and which is not in the public domain, I will return my Padma Shri,” Hindustan Times quoted Ranaut as saying. “I don’t deserve it. I am not that person who will go on record (to make such statements) and everything that I have said is in the public domain.”

The tragic death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput in June had opened a floodgate of accusations against bigshots of Bollywood. While the B-towns bigwigs tweeted and posted their condolences, they were criticized for 'sheer hypocrisy of their actions' since they allegedly bullied and harassed Singh in his life. Director Karan Johar was the main target of these allegations.

Actor Kangna Ranaut in a video, she posted immediately after Sushant's death, called out Bollywood's 'privilege' club and questioned the factors that pushed the M.S Dhoni actor to take such extreme step. She also called out Bollywood stars for posting condolences for Singh while they shunned him while he was alive.