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The iconic video of the song 'Mehbooba' by Haroon Rashid has a special place in the history of the Pakistani music industry. The 2002 pop song's video was shot in Egypt and features the mystique character of Pyramids.

The singer has only revealed the interesting story behind the famous video. He took to Instagram to share that when the idea hit him to shot the video in Egypt, he found a production company online and flew to Egypt immediately:

"When I recorded this song I thought wow I would love to shoot the video by the Pyramids. I randomly found a production company online in Cairo, immediately booked my ticket and just got on a plane and flew out there for 3 days," Haroon wrote and added, "In the end, they told me I couldn’t afford to shoot by the pyramids and it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars; and that I should just shoot the video in Pakistan on a fake Egypt set. I was really devastated."

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However, the singer got lucky as the day he was leaving, the production company asked him to play the song for them and they absolutely loved it.

"When they heard it they LOVED it. The lady producer said I love this song so much I will make it happen no matter. She called in a favor from her best friend who was married to the owner of the local Cairo production company that worked on the film Lawrence of Arabia."

After making these arrangements Haroon came back to Pakistan and took his production crew with him and shot the video in Egypt in front of the Pyramids.