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Actor Omair Rana and wife Maira Omair Rana has issued a statement against accusations hurled at the actor for harassing young students at a private institution and his wife for covering his steps. The accusations came after several male school teachers were found guilty of inappropriate behavior and dismissed from the job.

His wife Maira Omair Rana, who holds an administrative role at the school, also faced criticism over the alleged cover-up of harassment issues at the school and blaming the victims.

Now, the actor and wife have shared a statement about a month after the allegations. Maira Rana took to Twitter to share that she has been falsely accused of turning a blind eye to the complaints made by students:

"Recently, a number of students raised their voices against sexual harassment in education[al] institutions. I admire their courage to help bring a truly heinous issue to the forefront... I have spent the last three weeks critically examining my behavior, questioning my actions, and reflecting on my beliefs and values. I can now state with complete confidence that I used all the authority, responsibility, and capability I had to protect my students."

She went on to accuse "bloggers, media outlets, publications, groups, and people" for 'wrongfully accusing her and running a campaign to malign her name.'

Her actor husband also took to Twitter to announce that he will be engaging with FIA to tackle the 'campaign' against him:

"Sexual harassment is a heinous crime and should be treated with the seriousness that it deserves. At the same time, the dignity and respect of individuals must not be falsely tainted," the actor wrote and added, "The law provides remedies for all and I intend to take all steps necessary for the vindication of my constitutional and human rights and to protect myself. For those who publish and fail to remove libelous material against me with an unconditional apology to me, I will be approaching FIA under the prevention of electronic crimes act."

The actor was accused of misbehaving with the young students while directing the school's annual play.