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DEATHS 6,727 12

Police has issued four altered portraits of Abid Ali, the prime suspect in the motorway gang-rape case, to warn citizens and law enforcement personnel of the various possible appearances that Abid may change into in order to hide his identity and evade arrest.

These altered images have been circulated via WhatsApp and plastered across police stations so that should anyone spot someone bearing resemblance to any of the photos, they may easily inform authorities.

Among the four photos distributed, one shows Abid with his original face and hairstyle, another with a bald head and mustache, in the third photo he is clean-shaved with a bald head, and the last he is sporting a French beard. In all four pictures, his primary features have not been altered.

Almost ten days after the heinous incident took place, the primary suspect is still at large with police and counter-terrorism department (CTD) conducting raids for his arrest. Abid was named as the primary suspect in the case after samples collected from the crime scene matched with his DNA.

The Punjab police on Saturday had asked the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to place Ali's name on it's black list to prevent him from leaving the country. According to the Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Lahore Umer Sheikh, police approached FIA to stop Abid from fleeing the country because putting his name on the Exit Control List (ECL) is a lengthy procedure and could give the suspect a window to leave the country.

Most wanted man in Pakistan:

Abid Ali is currently the most wanted man in Pakistan with a reward of 2.5 million for information about his whereabouts. The reward was announced by the chief minister Punjab Usman Buzdar.

The incident:

Two "robbers" allegedly gang-raped a woman on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway while she was waiting with her children for help on the motorway after her car stopped either due to fuel shortage. She called her relative in Gujranwala for help who advised her to call the motorway police while he, himself, left immediately to her rescue and found her terrified with her clothes stained with blood.

As per the police, two armed men found woman alone in her car with her children and forced them to a nearby field at gunpoint and gang-raped her. Punjab Police, in a statement, confirmed the arrests and said that 20 teams of Lahore Police and CIA. The teams are headed by the deputy inspector general of police (investigation), had been constituted on the orders of Inspector General Inam Ghani to investigate the case. The police said that they are taking all the necessary measures to catch the culprits.