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KARACHI: German Ambassador to Pakistan Bernhard Schlagheck on Monday said that Germany desires prosperous but democratic Pakistan that respect human rights and particularly freedom of expression.

“I do not want to qualify the degree of democratic efficiencies that can be seen time to time,” he said while speaking exclusively in an interview with Muneezay Jahangir.

Replying a question about Pakistan and Germany relations in light of human rights violations the ambassador said that indeed there were some cases that gave rise to concerns and that would be taken up with government.

He hoped that these matters would be discussed with the government in constructive manner as the government was trying to remedy the situation, “perhaps not always to the degree that would be sufficient for Germany and EU,” he added.

When asked that if Germany would compromise in such situation of human rights violation or freedom of expressions as it is one of the conditions to access EU markets, he said that human rights is one of the building blocks of G Plus countries.

Speaking about bilateral trade relations he said that Germany was in good pace with Pakistan before the pandemic which has been reduced since the pandemic struck.

He was of the view that security might be an issue of concern to the foreign investors but the major impediments were the investment conditions.

Progress has been made when it comes to ease of doing business, he said, “but there are still some deficiencies, tariff policies are not sorted out,” he added.

The ambassador lauded Pakistan's role in Afghanistan peace process and considered its role more important as being neighbor of Afghanistan.