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ISLAMABAD, Nov 27 (NNI): The rate at which patients are testing positive for the coronavirus in Pakistan stands at 7.2% as of Friday, said the National Command Operation Centre.

The NCOC said this in a meeting headed by Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Asad Umar.

Peshawar recorded the highest rate, at 19.65%, followed by Karachi, at 17.73% and Hyderabad at 16.32%. The positivity rate for Islamabad is 5.84%, 14.97% for Mirpur, Muzaffarabad is at 10.34, and Rawalpindi recorded 11.49%.

Sindh recorded the highest provincial average of 13.25%.

Azad Kashmir has a positivity rate of 1.79%, Balochistan 6.41%, and Gilgit recorded a 4.81% rate. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is at 9.25% and Punjab at 3.59%.

There are 3,89,311 coronavirus cases in the country presently, and 7,897 people have died. Over 2,100 patients are in critical care.

The NCOC said that its members, through provincial governments, met wedding hall associations and ulema to ensure SOPs are followed properly.

The NCOC has said that the country is going through a second wave of the virus. The government has ordered all schools shut, and banned indoor dining in restaurants, among other measures. NNI