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BR100 4,855 Increased By ▲ 19 (0.39%)
BR30 24,780 Increased By ▲ 335 (1.37%)
KSE100 45,903 Increased By ▲ 177 (0.39%)
KSE30 19,153 Increased By ▲ 133 (0.7%)

Today, the number of reported coronavirus cases exceeded four hundred thousand in Pakistan.

  • 2,458 new cases in the last 24 hours took the national Covid tally to 400,482.

  • Pakistan became the 28th nation to reach this grim milestone.

Yesterday, the number of people sampled in the country was 400,482 out of which 2,458 tested positive for COVID-19. This shows that the positivity rate remained 6%.

The cases are increasing day by day in Pakistan. It took the country 9 months to reach 400k cases. It must be noted that this number represents only the confirmed cases. The actual figure of coronavirus infections in the country to date is expected to be much higher.

The second wave of coronavirus is in full flow in Pakistan prompting the government to take robust measures like shutting down educational institutions, implementing smart lockdowns in selected hotspots of major cities, and limiting dining in the restaurants. Public health experts have cautioned the public to take the second wave of COVID-19 seriously and avoid unnecessary social gatherings.

  • According to NCOC, the latest COVID-19 situation in Pakistan is as follows:

(Last 24 hours: 2,458)

DEATHS: 8,091
(Last 24 hours: 67)

RECOVERED: 343,286
(Last 24 hours: 1,863)

TOTAL TESTS: 5,549,779
(Last 24 hours: 40,969)

(Last 24 hours: 119)