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PM confessed he was not prepared to manage Pakistan's affairs: Maryam Nawaz

The opposition parties went ahead with today’s power show despite...
Updated 23 Dec, 2020 07:27pm

MARDAN: PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz on Wednesday lashed out at Prime Minister Imran Khan, saying that Prime Minister Imran Khan himself confessed that he was not prepared to run the country.

Maryam's comments come a day after Prime Minister Imran Khan said that never should a new government come to power without doing its homework

PDM is holding the 'Mehngai March' in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa city today. PDM leaders along with their supporters passed through various areas of the city in big caravans before arriving at Nowshera Road and addressed the rally participants.

The opposition parties went ahead with today’s power show despite failing to get the district administration’s approval due to second wave of coronavirus in the country.

Maryam Nawaz said government was not qualified to run the country's affairs and was busy playing musical chairs.

"He [PM Imran Khan] says that he is not afraid of the PDM and will now bow before it," she said, taunting the prime minister by saying that only the one who stands can take a bow.

"Whether your government is prepared to run the affairs of the country or not, the people of Mardan have decided that they will not rest till you are sent home," she said.

She accused the government of not having a qualified team to manage Pakistan's affairs. "He used to say before becoming prime minister that he has a team of 200 professionals. Where is your team now? When you know that you were not qualified to be prime minister, why were you in such a hurry to wear the sherwani?" asked Maryam Nawaz, taunting the prime minister.

"You were not prepared to run the country but were prepared to rob the country of Rs122bn in the LNG scam," she said. "You were not prepared to give the youth 10 million jobs but were prepared to give your friends lucrative jobs," she added.

She accused the prime minister of being "fully prepared" to give his sister Aleema Khan the NRO.

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