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  • 13th January proved to be the deadliest day globally in the Covid-19 pandemic, yet.

In the last 24 hours, 753,160 new coronavirus cases were detected globally. The number of coronavirus-related casualties reported was the highest ever in the history of the Covid pandemic as a staggering 16,423 people succumbed to the viral disease across the world.

It must be noted that these are only the deaths that have been reported, the actual number of casualties is expected to be way bigger as many deaths are not reported due to various reasons.

The latest global Covid-19 statistics as provided by the website "Worldometers" are as follows:

Total Cases: 92,759,187
New Cases: +753,160

Total Deaths: 1,985,936
New Deaths: +16,423

Total Recovered: 66,297,474

Active Cases: 24,475,777

Critical Cases: 110,708

Yesterday, the USA with 4,103 deaths topped the world yet again in terms of deaths related to the coronavirus infection. The UK reported the second-highest number of virus casualties, i.e. 1,564. While Mexico remained third on the list with 1,314 deaths.