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Once a beloved couple, now bitter exes, Hania Amir and Asim Azhar on Sunday became the top trend on Twitter after throwing shades at each other.

It all started on Saturday when the 24-year-old Titli actor received backlash after a video went viral of her cozying up to Aashir Wajahat — the 18-year-old son of renowned director Wajaht Rauf. In the video, she can be seen singing along to Hasan Raheem’s Arzu while lying with the young musician. However, soon after the video went viral, people started calling Ms Aamir out for “indecent and vulgar” behavior.

Social media users were quick to pass remarks and she soon started trending No # 1 on Pakistani Twitter. The young actor attracted harsh comments as Twitteratis kept questioning her morals.

While Hania tried to navigate through criticism directed at her as well as the incident where someone posted a video of the ejaculating on her photos, her ex and budding singer Asim Azhar took the opportunity to throw a shade.

Taking to Twitter, the Yaad singer posted a GIF with a caption "Allhamdulliha", presumably implying that he was thankful that things did not work out between him and Hania.

Source: Twitter/ Asim Azhar

Aamir was quick to respond to Azhar's tweet and called him a "bitter ex":

Source: Twitter/ Hania Aamir

"Call out disgusting men who think they can get away with such heinous act [and] men who think it is funny to put a woman down when the internet is retweeting a man ejaculting on her picture," she added.

Source: Twitter

The actor's response and support of Twitter users towards her apparently did not set well with former Beau, who then asked "where were all these people and their supporters for the past one-and-a-half-year when everything was directed towards me. People were constanly bullying me by talking about me everywhere they could have."

Source: Twitter