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Social media is enraged over gender-insensitive remarks made by Actor and model Iman Ali earlier this week after she made an appearance on a local TV talk show.

In her interview, the Bol actor talked about her life after marriage, her perception of her own beauty, and keeping a low profile on social media. She also spoke about her struggle with body image issues and how she doesn't find herself beautiful.

"I do not like the way I look. And especially when I receive compliments from people that I am good looking, I stand in front of my mirror and think 'they are lying," the 40-year-old former model said.

When host Vasay Chahudary asked if she ever thought about changing the mirror, she responded:

"I would need to change my camera as well then. I can not take my own pictures. Whatever angle I try, I think 'aye haye, khusra'."

Source: Youtube

Social media users are translating Ali's comments as gender-insensitive for drawing a parallel between the transgender community and ugliness.

Transgender activist and researcher Aisha Mughal urged celebrities like Iman to act more responsibly toward the marginalized segments of the society:

"The celebrities should act in a responsible way while giving interviews. @ImanAli0 if you think you are ugly, fine, BUT do not relate ugliness with Khusra or Transgender persons. We are beautiful, strong, successful, and productive citizens of Pakistan."

Source: Twitter

A social media user by the name of Ergo Peter Parker Bewaja said that actor's comments are a reflection of society:

"What #ImanAli said isn't a thought, but an instinct. The nation is programmed with instincts to ridicule everything that isn't like them. Disabilities, transgenders, mental illnesses, differently-abled, people on the autism spectrum, and different beliefs are instinctively ridiculed."

Source: Twitter

User Amna wrote that Iman's statement is not very surprising:

"Iman Ali statement doesn't even surprise me anymore. That's how the majority of Pakistan thinks of transgenders. They will use them as an insult "As A jOke" without giving it a second thought how deeply it affects the trans community & shapes a negative narrative for them."

Source: Twitter

Another Twitter user said that using 'khusra' as a synonym for ugly is not right:

"I get iman Ali's going through something tough so she feels insecure and it’s okay she can feel whatever she wants to but whats with using 'khusra' as an insulting word or a synonym for ugly?? This is so not acceptable. Rude and insensitive."

Source: Twitter